CMX Black Line Master Graphics 3

By: Kim Cavanaugh

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This past summer while I was on vacation, I happened to wander into a little craft shop with my daughter. As she busied herself with looking for supplies to make yet another rag doll, I spent some time looking at the design books when I came upon an old craft book packed with great copyright-free stencil designs. Something about that book caught my attention, and I decided to buy it, scan the designs, and see if I could work them into something useful.

The result of my noodling around is the CMX Black Line Master graphics pack of which this is the third. Black Line Masters are editable vector graphics saved in a PNG format for use in Fireworks, Flash, or Freehand. In this series, "Christmas", you'll find a series of images in PNG format all featuring a Christmas theme. Each design (64 in total) is captured in an individual PNG file and each category is summarized in a master file as well.

Since only the outlines of the graphics are captured you have complete freedom to scale the object, break it into component parts, change the fill and stroke settings, and apply effects to the outlines. In this example you see how one original design (xmas_cane2.png) has been scaled and then had its basic properties changed in Fireworks.

Candy cane sample image

To begin using the Christmas Black Line Master Graphics pack, just download the file from the link at the bottom of this page. (Note that the file is 6.5 MB, so govern yourself accordingly.)

Unzip the file and away you go! In coming weeks you can expect to find new categories added including "Classic Americana", "Celtic", "Food", "Nautical", "Holiday", and "Floral" categories.

Be sure to check out the other set released in this series--CMX Black Line Master 1 (Fleur di Lis) and CMX Black Line Master 2 (Art Deco).

Approximate download size: 6.75MB

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